Content Staging for Drupal

Prepare & preview your content on a protected Drupal instance and push it live with a single click.


Prepare content in your protected instance

You can create and prepare your content on a separate Drupal instance of your choice (content-staging) and share links to stakeholders for approval. It will show you and every one of your choice the content exactly how it will appear on your live site. You can create a single page, media assets, references and other entities.

Create Content Milestones

While many times you will only need to publish individual pages or articles you will sometimes face changes that influence many sites at once. Facing the challenge of updating a lot of content without making errors may seem stressful at the beginning. However, breaking it down to smaller steps will allow you to keep control. Editing your content on a private stage instance and allowing other editors to review it will ensure your changes match the desired result. Pushing all these changes at once to your live site will make sure that no visitor sees contradicting information on different sites.

Push to live with a single click, fully automated and reliable

Once your content is prepared, reviewed and approved, you can push all changes, nodes, entities and references to your live site and get your work published in seconds and without manual transfer.

Content synchronisation between many sites included

You can use our content and media syndication feature to create content and media assets once in a central content pool, connect all your sites and share content between them. Based on your “content flow rules” your content will be synced automatically between your content pool and all connected sites. With powerful “flow rules”, you have full control over content, media and entity updates, even on a field level!

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