All important operations in Content Sync works asynchronously to improve performance, reliability, and scalability. We have a special application called the “Sync Core” that sits between your sites. Whenever your sites want to push or pull content, they talk to this service. All content that is pushed from your sites is stored in the Sync Core and then distributed to other sites either immediately or on request, depending on how you configure Content Sync. When you delete content, that content is also deleted in the Sync Core (unless you configure Content Sync to not delete content).

We don’t share or sell your data with other organizations outside of what’s necessary to operate the service (e.g., we need to store your data in a database which involves a hosting provider). We are also 100% compliant with GDPR as one of the strictest privacy laws.

We do keep copies of old data in our system for up to 12 months as backups that allow us to recover from a failure (“disaster recovery”). If you accidentally pushed sensitive data to Content Sync please let us know so we can remove it for you.

The Sync Core can also be hosted on-premise.