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Higher education faces the unique challenge of managing and disseminating content across multiple platforms and websites, especially when using Drupal. Content Sync offers a bridge over these digital divides, ensuring that your content is not just distributed but truly connected with your audience.

Since 2016, we’ve been the trusted partner of some of the world’s most prestigious organizations, helping them to streamline their content operations, enhance their brand consistency, and engage their audience more effectively than ever before.

Our Solutions for Higher Education

At the heart of Content Sync lies a world of unparalleled possibilities for your digital content management. Our platform is designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring it can be precisely tailored to streamline critical publishing events, facilitate composable content across diverse markets, and oversee mass content updates with unmatched efficiency. Content Sync’s strength lies in its adaptability to your specific needs and workflows, offering a solution that evolves with your requirements. Let’s explore together how Content Sync can transform your content strategy, making it more dynamic, responsive, and successful than ever before.


Content Syndication

Centralize the creation and update of general information pages, with automated distribution to all relevant sites. Enable customizations to reflect department-specific nuances.

Example Scenario: A university updates its history page to include recent achievements and accolades. Through Content Sync, this updated content is automatically reflected across hundreds of college, department, and program sites. Content Sync’s compatibility guarantee with all contrib and custom modules ensures that the updated content is consistent. Departments have the ability to add specific milestones or achievements relevant to their discipline, offering a tailored view of the university’s history and success to prospective students, faculty, and partners. This approach ensures that the institution’s narrative is cohesive yet personalized, enhancing its appeal to a diverse audience.

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Composable Content

A central repository allows department editors to share and update standard content elements like course description paragraphs. Other departments can easily find and import these elements to quickly create new content like specific course listings.

Example Scenario: The Science Department updates a standard paragraph detailing the prerequisites for a new advanced biology course. This component is shared in the central repository. The Biology and Environmental Science departments can then import this updated component to quickly update their course listings, ensuring consistency in course information across departments or sites. Customization is available for each site to add specific faculty names or lab requirements.

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Content Cloud API

Enhance app development process by aggregating content from various departmental Drupal sites for a unified content repository with rapid content delivery leveraging auto-generated client libraries and a responsive image API.

Example Scenario: Aiming to globally engage prospective students, a university sets out to upgrade its digital offerings. It focuses on creating a series of applications, such as a virtual campus tour and a student portal, which require up-to-date, rich content from across its departments. Leveraging Content Sync’s Content Cloud, the university aggregates this content, ensuring it’s readily available and optimized for users worldwide, regardless of device. This approach allows for rapid development and deployment of high-quality, interactive applications. As a result, prospective students enjoy a comprehensive digital experience that showcases the university’s facilities, programs, and campus life, significantly enhancing the institution’s appeal and streamlining the recruitment process.

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Content Repositories

Faculty or department editors publish general educational content, such as course descriptions or research findings, into a central repository. Editors from different departments can search for and import this content into their local sites with ease, customizing it to add department-specific details or insights.

Example Scenario: A university’s central science department conducts groundbreaking research on climate change. The findings are summarized and published in the central content repository. Editors from the Environmental Studies, Geography, and Public Policy departments import the summary into their respective sites. Each adds their own contextual information, such as how the research impacts their specific field of study or suggestions for coursework that aligns with these findings. This allows for the broad dissemination of significant research while enabling each department to highlight its relevance to their disciplines.

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Illustration of Content Reusability in Enterprise Businesses and Higher Education

Content Management & Distribution

In the dynamic world of higher education, staying up-to-date with content across numerous sites is paramount. Our solution automates the synchronization process, allowing for real-time updates, seamless content publication, and targeted distribution. Whether it’s managing bulk deployments or ensuring precise scheduling, our platform streamlines these tasks to maintain your institution’s digital presence efficiently. This ensures that your educational content, from course details to campus news, reaches your audience accurately and promptly, fostering an informed and engaged academic community.

Illustration of Editor and User Experience for Enterprise Businesses and Higher Education

Editor & User Experience

We understand that the backbone of any content-rich website is its editorial team. Our platform enhances the user experience for editors with tools that simplify content discovery, enable the sharing and reuse of content components, and provide immediate feedback on content status. By streamlining these processes, we empower editors to focus more on creating impactful content rather than navigating complex systems. This results in a more cohesive and consistent digital presence, crucial for maintaining the reputation and reliability of higher education institutions.

Illustration of our Collaborative Partner Ecosystem for Enterprise Businesses and Higher Education

Collaborative Partner Ecosystem & Support

Recognizing the unique challenges and ambitions of higher education entities, our service is designed to be an extension of your team. With dedicated support, a collaborative partner ecosystem, and a guarantee for module support, we ensure that your content management solution is always aligned with your evolving needs. This ecosystem not only facilitates seamless integration with existing and future projects but also prepares your institution for any technical challenges, providing peace of mind and fostering a community of innovation and shared success.

Illustration of Content Management Scalability for Enterprise Businesses and Higher Education Using Content Sync

Scalability & Reliability

As higher education institutions grow and evolve, so too does the need for scalable and reliable content management solutions. Our platform is engineered to handle high-volume updates effortlessly, ensuring your digital presence can expand without compromise. With features designed to maintain >99.9% reliability in content updates and robust recovery systems in place, we guarantee that your institution’s content remains consistent and accessible, even through extensive growth or unexpected challenges. This reliability and scalability are crucial for institutions that aim to lead and innovate in the digital age, ensuring they can focus on their educational mission without technological constraints.

Illustration of Worldwide Content Connectivity for Enterprise Businesses and Higher Education Using Content Sync

Our Content Cloud

Our Content Cloud extension revolutionizes how higher education institutions manage and distribute digital content. With global high-speed API access, content reaches your audience with minimal delay, crucial for the timely dissemination of educational materials. Simplified content architecture and the Content Aggregation Engine streamline management and ensure consistency across platforms, essential for maintaining the integrity of educational content. The Responsive Image API enhances visual engagement, while Auto-Generated Client Libraries accelerate development, allowing your team to focus on innovation. Custom User Data Storage personalizes the user experience, encouraging deeper engagement. Together, these features significantly enhance the effectiveness and reach of your institution’s digital presence, aligning with the evolving expectations of the educational community.

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