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Managing content across multiple websites is a complex challenge, especially for enterprise businesses utilizing Drupal. Since 2016, we’ve positioned ourselves at the forefront of this challenge, crafting bespoke content synchronization solutions for some of the largest organizations worldwide. Our expertise in seamlessly integrating content across diverse platforms ensures that your message is consistent yet flexible enough to cater to local nuances.

Imagine a world where your content not only meets the global standard but also resonates on a local level, enhancing your brand’s connection with audiences everywhere, transforming your content strategy into a powerful asset for your future and the future of your organization.

Solutions and Example Scenarios for Enterprise Businesses

At the heart of Content Sync lies a world of unparalleled possibilities for your digital content management. Our platform is designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring it can be precisely tailored to streamline critical publishing events, facilitate composable content across diverse markets, and oversee mass content updates with unmatched efficiency. Content Sync’s strength lies in its adaptability to your specific needs and workflows, offering a solution that evolves with your requirements.


Content Syndication

Centralize the creation and update of general information pages, with automated distribution to all relevant sites. Enable localized customization to reflect regional differences or department-specific nuances.

Example Scenario: The corporate communications team updates the company’s mission statement and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Once updated in the central content repository, Content Sync instantly updates these pages across hundreds of global and regional sites, allowing editors to track the update progress in real time. Content Sync’s compatibility guarantee with all contrib and custom modules ensures that the updated content is consistent. Regional managers have the option to add localized CSR projects or highlight local community engagement activities. This ensures that stakeholders worldwide receive a consistent core message, while also appreciating local engagement and initiatives, fostering a stronger connection with the brand.

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Composable Content

Marketing teams create and update reusable content elements like product feature blocks. These elements are shared across various sites, with the option for local marketing teams to customize them with additional or localized information.

Example Scenario: The central marketing team updates a product feature block to highlight a new software feature. This block is then imported by regional teams across the globe, who add local customer testimonials or region-specific benefits to the block before including it in their product pages, ensuring that the core product messaging is consistent while also catering to local market nuances.

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Content Cloud API

Aggregate and deliver localized content for app development, leveraging a global, high-speed content API for quick access and a responsive image API for optimized visuals. Use auto-generated client libraries to facilitate rapid development across web and mobile platforms.

Example Scenario: A global corporation develops a customer engagement app, pulling content from various regional sites using Content Sync’s Content Cloud. Each region has tailored its content— language, cultural references, product information— to resonate with its local audience. This localized approach enriches the app, making it more relevant and engaging for users worldwide. The development team quickly builds a responsive and user-friendly app using React, enhanced by swift content delivery and optimized images. This strategy not only speeds up the development process but also ensures that the app effectively meets diverse customer needs, improving global user satisfaction.

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Content Repositories

Editors publish optional content into a central repository. Local site editors can easily find and import content items into their sites with a click and customize them to fit local market needs. Editors translate the customized content into local languages and share these translations back to the central repository for use by other sites.

Example Scenario: A global enterprise launches a new software product. The central marketing team publishes an announcement article and a series of promotional materials in English into the central content repository. Editors from the French, Spanish, and Japanese markets import the announcement into their local sites. Each team localizes the content, adding specific use cases relevant to their market and translating it into their local language. These translations are then shared back to the central repository, where they become available for other markets that might find them relevant, facilitating efficient content reuse and supporting global marketing strategies with nuanced local engagement.

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Sensitive Content Publication

Secure preparation and one-click publishing from a private staging site ensure sensitive content remains confidential until release.

Example Scenario: To safeguard its quarterly earnings report from unauthorized access, an enterprise uses a secure staging site for compilation and review. Content Sync’s rigorous end-to-end testing, conducted within the customer’s own environment and tailored to their custom code and configuration, guarantees the publishing system’s reliability, particularly for sensitive disclosures. Once finalized, the report benefits from expedited release via Content Sync’s fastlane queue, ensuring timely and secure dissemination. This process is further enhanced by a dedicated critical event publishing support package, designed to ensure a smooth and reliable publication process, thereby protecting sensitive financial data, meeting regulatory requirements, and maintaining investor confidence.

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Streamlined Content Unpublishing, Removal, and Reversion

Centralized control over content unpublishing, removal, and reversion allows corporate communications teams to immediately address content issues across all global and regional sites.

Example Scenario: A product recall is issued due to unforeseen safety concerns. The enterprise decides to immediately unpublish all promotional materials related to the product across all platforms to prevent further exposure. The decision to unpublish rather than remove allows for the potential re-introduction of the product once issues are resolved, at which point content can be revised and republished without starting from scratch. Content Sync facilitates the immediate unpublishing of this content from all sites, avoiding the logistical nightmare of manually tracking down and unpublishing all related content across dozens of sites. This swift action prevents customer confusion and maintains trust, showcasing the importance of a centralized system for managing potential crises efficiently.


Taxonomy Terms / Tags

Synchronize product categories, service lines, and industry tags across the enterprise’s global and regional sites to ensure consistent product and service classification.

Example Scenario: After launching a new product line, Content Sync distributes updated product categories and tags to all business units’ sites. Marketing teams can then tag their content with the new terms, ensuring customers find all relevant information and products across different regions seamlessly.


Mass Content Updates

Centralize the brand message, logo, and corporate identity updates, and automatically update these elements across all global and regional corporate sites. Allow regions to customize their messaging to align with local market sensibilities across all regional and product-specific sites at once.

Example Scenario: An international corporation announces a brand refresh to emphasize its commitment to sustainability. Through Content Sync, the corporate communications team efficiently updates thousands of content items across hundreds of sites within a day — from the corporate mission statement to product descriptions — ensuring that the new branding is reflected globally across all business units and regional websites, aligning the entire organization’s online presence with its renewed sustainability focus. Real-time tracking and detailed reports allow for immediate oversight and quick troubleshooting, ensuring brand consistency across all digital touchpoints.


News Articles & Press Releases

Automatically syndicate press releases across all enterprise sites immediately upon publishing on the central site. Enable manual review for local customization by site editors before going live.

Example Scenario: An enterprise launches a new product, and the central marketing team publishes a press release. Content Sync instantly distributes this release to hundreds of regional sites, from regional to specialized platforms, allowing editors to track the update progress in real time. Regional editors can then localize the content (e.g., by adding local customer testimonials) before publication, ensuring the message resonates more deeply with local markets. Content Sync automatically assigns a canonical URL to the content on target sites, preventing penalties for content duplication by search engines. This ensures swift, cohesive, and locally relevant dissemination of news, all while minimizing the manual effort required from local teams and safeguarding SEO integrity.


Marketing Materials

Share the latest marketing materials, such as product brochures or campaign videos, from the central marketing team to all relevant sites, with the option for regions to add localized offers or testimonials.

Example Scenario: For a new product launch, the central marketing team releases a comprehensive brochure. Content Sync distributes this to all global sites, where local marketers can supplement it with region-specific offers and testimonials. This ensures brand consistency while allowing for local market personalization, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


User Manuals and Guides

Distribute the latest versions of user manuals and guides from the central repository to all customer support sites, with capabilities for adding FAQs or localized support contact information.

Example Scenario: After a software update, the technical team publishes a revised user manual. Content Sync automatically updates this manual across all support sites, ensuring users always have access to the latest instructions. Local teams can add FAQs specific to common regional issues or local support contacts, improving customer support efficiency and satisfaction.


Career Opportunities

Centralize job postings with automatic distribution to relevant sites, enabling departments to add specific application instructions or departmental culture information.

Example Scenario: The HR department posts several job openings. Content Sync distributes these postings across all relevant regional sites, where local HR can add details about the local working environment or specific application tips. This streamlines recruitment efforts and ensures a consistent employer brand while allowing for localized engagement with potential applicants.

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Implement a Successful Content Strategy at Scale

The scenarios highlighted here represent just the tip of the iceberg. With Content Sync, you’re empowered to configure and customize the system to align perfectly with your unique objectives and challenges. Let’s explore together how Content Sync can transform your content strategy, making it more dynamic, responsive, and successful than ever before.

Content Sync opens up a new realm of possibilities for managing your digital content. Whether it’s streamlining critical publishing events, enabling composable content across various markets, or managing mass content updates with unparalleled efficiency, our solution adapts to your unique workflows and scenarios. Imagine the power to update, syndicate, and personalize content on a global scale, all while maintaining brand integrity and local relevancy. This is the future of content management – versatile, efficient, and endlessly adaptable. Explore the boundless opportunities that Content Sync offers, empowering you to redefine the digital landscape.

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